Prospective clients always seem to ask me one similar question, “what can you bring to the table, and what makes you any different then all of the other DJs in the area?” .. Well my answer to them was simple, I am versatile and have great knowledge of music, and challenges of events is why I love this industry. Most DJs around the area wouldn’t be ready for something like this. This highlight video created by Understand the Vision shows my versatility and the lovely couple journey through their wedding day. This was a very different wedding which I have never been a part of. It was 2 days of fun filled memories. The clients, Shah and Stephanie Noor, had an idea in their minds of what they were looking to have during their wedding festivities and I made it a priority to bring that to life and make sure they enjoy themselves as much as possible. I knew it was my mission to make sure that this will be the ONE day they will remember forever. Watch the video and see first hand what I do, and why I consider myself and the rest of my team the best in the area as far as customer satisfaction and execution.


I’m not a drinker and I haven’t tried smoking. My wife, Stephanie, loves wine and I¬†think she had a couple glasses during our wedding ūüėČ ¬†I’ll get to my point, during our wedding weekend on June 20-21 2015; I was on¬†Cloud 10, way past 9. I felt like there was Kush in my system for sure… but that¬†euphoria was just a result of the sounds of Kush coming through the speakers. The¬†lighting, the music, the ambience that was created was an absolute dream from the¬†moment I got on the horse.¬†Stephanie and I are both intelligent people, and I must admit sometimes¬†hypercritical. But in this case, I can find NO FAULT with DJ Kush and his team. I¬†remember Stephanie looking at me with joy on the limo to the hotel at the end of¬†our 10 hour event (from Baraat to reception), and saying “Wow I think I really like¬†Kush, I mean DJ Kush, that was amazing – EVERYONE was dancing.”

Our wedding had all types of people from 70 year old Southern folk who have¬†always lived in Alabama, who love Soul and Funk to USC and UMD college students¬†who love Top 40, Pop to Hip-Hop heads who love Talib Kweli. Kush blended all this¬†perfectly and had everyone on the floor together.¬†His level of preparedness, professionalism and dedication are unparalleled. For both¬†events that he masterfully orchestrated for our wedding, he was flawless. I haven’t¬†heard of a DJ that will happily make a million adjustments at the last second to 15¬†different entrance songs for 14 groomsmen and 9 bridesmaids, with each member¬†of the wedding party requesting an exact 10 seconds to be mashed with an exact 10¬†seconds from a different track for their entrance. I mean… wow just wow. I thought¬†for sure he was going to be done with us by then. But no he wasnt, he was Kush, and¬†I guess that’s just how Kush does it.

Thanks Kush for making magic. You’re the man.‚ÄĚ

– Shah & Stephanie Noor, Maryland